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These terms and conditions are in according to each reservation made through, Suite B4 Poly Plaza Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent Abuja FCT, Nigeria. Please go through them completely to clarify our commitments and rights. In each term of below-mentioned document any record specified that talks about “us” and “we” assign (the carrier organization) and says to “your” and “you” assigns the primary named individual in whose name the booking is made. When you make use of our site it is represented by different terms and conditions. If you have any issues with any part of this document or specific terms, you are advised to not further go any on this website.

We go as the given figures: A Package provider, an operator helping you to book your travel related action including your flight, accommodation, packages and any other special offers. Our duties towards you are as per what the travel query you have requested from us. We have tried to do our level best to clear out our terms of use below as would be prudent. The entire terms and conditions document are divided in three areas depending upon the different kind of terms of use – Section A includes conditions that are applicable for a huge range of appointments, Section B contains points that are designed for Package bookings and Section C is for bookings via the agency.

Booking Your Travel Arrangements
Each service offered from us is dependent and subject to availability. Airfares through us are not guaranteed up till the time they are ticketed. As you make a reservation with us, you should confirm that you are approved to acknowledge and do accept these terms and conditions on your and other travelling mates and moreover, when reserving in excess, one of the individuals, you are also responsible for additionally make payment for every traveler of your booking for whom you are making the flight reservations. Similarly, please note that you are liable of the accuracy of the details you share with us and furthermore for the data that was provided to us is passed on to every single individual from your travelling journey.

While booking, you are requested to make the payments as marked. Note that till the point the booking is acknowledged by us and halfway or full payment has reached us through specific mode and confirmation receipt is accepted by you, either in the name of or the travel agency being referred to, no sort of agreement/understanding will be there. Kindly ensure the names you gave us are right as in the individual’s passport.

When Booking Online:
When you book online via us, you’re submitting all of the mandatory details/points to us. All entries made online are dealt with and you are person in charge of each one person’s important details provided via you, including yet not fixed to the development concerned information, are prepared and completed and accurately put across on the web; that you select right motels, flights, etc. that the precision of components of the significant number of travelers are entered in the passport. Please note that we hold no obligation in relation to any distinction for any kind of information that you gave or how it is entered on the website. You must know that any such kind of discrepancy may require certain additional charges liable on you. While using the credit/charge card to make the payment, guarantee it’s in your name or you have the authority to approve it on the behalf of third party in case it isn’t yours. The individual should have the required amount of money in order to meet the booking charges of the tickets and additional charges which are held by you through us. When we get your booking details and acknowledge it, we will begin with the process (depending upon our accessibility) and the required amount will be paid from your account. After this, a confirmation email including the receipt of the amount will be sent to your email address that has been shared with us. No confirmation will be given from our end for the changes of any flight plan, package or any new organization post the booking request is made. Nor will we give any kind of certification that our online booking organizations are free from malware, powerful contaminations or any similar thing that influences your system ruinously.

When Booking through a Telephone:
To make any booking with us through a phone, you should provide all the important noteworthy details to us, according to the prerequisites. Make sure that each detail that you have shared with us should is carefully provided and should match with your passport details. The phone booking affirmation is as confirmed as done in person. We do not ensure the confirmation of any booking until we receive the payment and confirmation from your end. After we acknowledge your booking, the procedure for your package will start and the cited charge will be charged on your credit/debit card. After the mentioned formalities, a confirmation email including your receipt will be shared on your email address. From this point on, in case of any cancellation made by you will be chargeable. You must be very carefully and diligently checking all of the details and quickly get in touch with us in case of any disparity as it may be difficult for us to roll out the changes at any later stage. Whatever be the changes required in the booking, after it is finished, you might be required to pay the extra charges, containing travel specialist organization’s charges and organization expenses.

The amount which is due from your end must be paid to before the date that is specified on the receipt (sent through email) from our end. Please note that for some telephonic bookings, you might be required to make the payment even before you receive the confirmation invoice from us. You must make the required payment on time as the failure to which might result in cancellation of your bookings which might eventually put across cancellation charges on you. If in case an additional “booking charge” is being levied, it would have been conveyed to you while booking. You must also note that each installment/payment is paid through cheques takes around seven days for the take a clearance. You must also note that the price of the booking (fuel or different additional charges forced by the administration providers) can differ till the time you make the full and final payment to us. We hold no obligation about the payments sent in cash by means of post or dispatch, regardless of whether it is sent by any enlisted courier organization post.

Information Protection Policy
We utilize your data that you provide us with, this is to initialize the booking process with us and to meet the needs and to make your travel as comfortable as possible.

Passports, Visa and Health Requirements
It is your duty to check the visa, identification and physical/mental well-being related needs and ensure that your travel documents are all set up.

Visa and Passport: Whatever data you may require regarding your travel permit and visa, counsel the applicable embassy as the requirements may change with no prior notice and you should be updated with the latest details before departure/booking. Please note that we are not liable in case your entry is declined into any country or flight due to the negligence made by you with regard to submitting important documents required by the country, airline or any other major authority. You must carry with you your correct passport with activity of at least six months post your date of return. Make sure that you are carry your passport, health and visa related document for each of the country including the ones through which you may be transiting through. If it is your passport’s final year you must check with the concerned country’s Embassy or visit the passport office at the earliest. All travelers going to the USA should have machine-readable passports and adhere to any other special conditions of the States.

Individuals visiting South Africa with children under the age of 18 years are supposed to carry the full unabridged birth certificate of their child/children. Note before you leave, you must check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for any kind of updates in the entry procedure and date accuracy for the destination country.